Looking for the obvious

The experience of life as we want it is created by conscious thoughts.

Random, unplanned thoughts that unintentionally pass through your mind every day shape your world, feelings, and life experience. As a result, it is preferable to be aware of our thoughts. Your well conscious thoughts will make life so much more enjoyable.

Random Unconscious thoughts in our day

Beep. Beep. Beep. As a heavy limb leans over to strike the alarm clock on snooze you utter silent expletives into the air. So the dialogue that we are, with ourselves and with the world, begins. From the moment our conscious selves are sufficiently alert to interact with the world there is dialogue. Of course you might argue that this is a monologue, for nobody and nothing can hear those thoughts. Wrong. You can hear them. And you are the single most important listener in your world. 


So what can you hear? – All the thoughts, ideas, feelings, uncertainties and incompletions that you went to bed with? Or perhaps the happiest loved up feeling about the person who lies beside you this cool autumnal morning? The children? Your job? Or nothing at all? – “I don’t have time to think,” you say. Ah. But you do. That very thought is the ‘thinking you’. 


The “thinking us” and the “listening us” collaborate to produce our experience of life. 


As the seasonal winds bring cooler air and darker mornings. The duvet beckons as ever more comforting. And it is normal to want to snuggle under and curse out at the morning alarm clock that insists we must rise and face the day. However, watch what you say to the universe as you do so. For, if nobody else is listening, you are. 

Choosing Conscious thoughts

Imagine your life is a story. How would you like to tell it? Because, in fact, you are telling it. 


These seemingly random haphazard thoughts that stream unconsciously through your mind day after day moment after moment are shaping your world, your feelings and your experience of life. 


Let’s be conscious then. Let us choose our thoughts carefully. Life will be so much sweeter with your consciously crafted thoughts in it.


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About Shoonyo:

Shoonyo (aka Vishal S. Avchar) is an International Author,  and Spiritual mentor. Shoonyo’s core strength has been to mentor people to spiritual awakening through One to One sessions, Meditations and Retreats in the UK, Spain, and India.

Shoonyo is the member of the only NLP board in India. His spiritual fiction book “ Looking for the Obvious” is #3 bestseller on amazon. He is a Cofounder of “Shoonyo Foundation” , an organisation working towards spiritual awakening.

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