Looking for the Obvious is the first of its kind fiction, bringing together ancient spiritual wisdom within the pages of a captivating story. The characters take the reader on a journey to unveil the true creative force within. This novel is a perfect culmination of philosophy, spirituality, psychology and well, real life. This is no ordinary story. Here story coalesces with spirituality – and spirituality with art – to express the inexpressible. Below is a taste for you. Let that love seep through the story, into your fingers and travel to the heart of you. We promise if you allow it, there is so much more than just a story here. So much more. Who knows, you may find you.

All three protagonists must walk the path of their own destinies. Aaryan sets logic aside to see how all parts surrender to the whole. Anemoi sets herself free of the structures around her and learns the art of self-acceptance. Leonhardt explores realms outside of the body and masters the power of intuition. At this junction fate has them meet and they must reconcile their experiences to find the common thread. The journey must be completed, together. Whilst inner demons attempt to thwart their journey to the truth, together they find it. Together, the differences of thought, practice, wisdom and wonder are aligned to reveal one profoundly liberating insight.

This book is relentless in its reach. If one allows it, there is nothing short of awakening to be found between the inky depths of these pages.