Looking for the obvious

Start taking powerful actions based on intuition, to go beyond the mind.

One way to gain access to mystical reality that is beyond logic is to start taking powerful actions based on intuition.


Ssh. Listen. What else can you hear whilst you are trying in earnest to read this small slice of the blog world? Your smartphone buzzing with notifications, the ping of an email, the distant blur of car horns, the inner reminder of your friend’s birthday you need to buy a gift for or the weight of guilt you feel for a pastry breakfast that you really shouldn’t have eaten?

The inner noises of everyday life can be loud. The lifestyle of today’s world is demanding and pulls our attention in many directions: balancing relationships, family life, our career as well as our health, nutrition and fitness. Doing this as a multi dimensional being (that’s you) is both extraordinary, and taxing. It involves one’s intellect, emotions, physical, social and financial self. Combined, these make up how we behave. These are aspects that occur in our inner world, and present themselves to the external world. How we “show up” in the world is determined by these factors and more.

Life really is, ‘an inside job’

That being said, we spend almost all of our time dealing with the outer world. Not only that; we even seek ways to engage ourselves externally. We read, we drink, we socialise and we watch movies.

So what? So what if we deal with an outer world when there is in fact so much to deal with? What’s wrong with grueling early morning workouts, pushing for a promotion, a Friday night ice cream tub or juggling a busy social schedule? Nothing. However you’ll be better equipped to deal with it all if you lead from what your body-mind really wants and are fully grounded in that silent, unshakeable part of yourself.

Your yoga teacher (whom you may not have listened to whilst trying not to fall over in balasana), various spiritualists, mediators and coaches may have suggested paths to this grounding, this inner self, this access to wisdom beyond the mind. Don’t let it all confuse you. Don’t let it all be more things you have to think, worry or plan about. Rather, let your inner space guide you. Let it be the balance that makes everything else seem easy.

Start accessing the intuition, through below simple steps

  1. Be quiet. Deepen your experience of everything. Every. Single thing.
  2. Listen. Listen to your body and what it needs (vs what your mind tells it to want), listen to your partner, your boss, your neighbor. Everyone. Listen from a clear uncluttered space. Practice non-judgmental listening.
  3. Take up meditation. Especially if you are too busy for it.

And why would you do all that? Because then, your outer world will be a truer reflection of who you are and what you want. What’s more it will likely be harmonious, in balance and far less struggle. 

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About Shoonyo:

Shoonyo (aka Vishal S. Avchar) is an International Author,  and Spiritual mentor. Shoonyo’s core strength has been to mentor people to spiritual awakening through One to One sessions, Meditations and Retreats in the UK, Spain, and India.

Shoonyo is the member of the only NLP board in India. His spiritual fiction book “ Looking for the Obvious” is #3 bestseller on amazon. He is a Cofounder of “Shoonyo Foundation” , an organisation working towards spiritual awakening.


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