Looking for the obvious

Obvious Spirituality: When we know nothing really stays, what is then wise to do?

When one devotes sufficient time to uncovering the truth. Mystical experiences give rise to us to recognise the obvious spirituality of life, as well as a deeper understanding of life overall.

When we know nothing really stays, what is then wise to do?

Everything is transient. Everything. Nothing stays the same, not even for a moment. All perceptions of security are false. Do not be allured by those symbols of security however enticing they may seem. Enjoy them sure: for there is much to be treasured: relationships, jobs, assets, families, pets and pretty flowers. Nothing stays.

 Life itself is continuously in motion, life changes, you change. You are not the same person you were a moment ago. Your biological chemical makeup is different, perhaps your emotions and brain patterns are too. Nothing stays the same. Revel in the perfect impermanence of life and you’ll no longer seek security in those things you anchor yourself to. Your love will be free, whole and complete. 

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About Shoonyo:

Shoonyo (aka Vishal S. Avchar) is an International Author,  and Spiritual mentor. Shoonyo’s core strength has been to mentor people to spiritual awakening through One to One sessions, Meditations and Retreats in the UK, Spain, and India.

Shoonyo is the member of the only NLP board in India. His spiritual fiction book “ Looking for the Obvious” is #3 bestseller on amazon. He is a Cofounder of “Shoonyo Foundation” , an organisation working towards spiritual awakening.

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