Looking for the obvious

Certainty is an invention – the Obvious spirituality of life

Certainty is an invention. What comes out of that stillness is uncertainty, the obvious Spiritual truth. 


Woah, what?


Uncertainty is the lifeblood of creation, the source from which everything emanates and the place to which everything returns. Sure, we like to fool ourselves sometimes that the thoughts and feelings we generate, the bricks and mortar which houses our sweet heads gives us certainty, that the marital band around our finger gives us certainty, that the six figure contract we just signed with ABC Corp. gives us certainty.


Sense of security


It feels safe. And yes, those things can provide us with a certain sense of security, safety, ease. And none of them are invalid. Are they certain, though?


Any of them can be created and destroyed from forces outside of us or within us. What remains is always us. That unwavering solidity of ourselves that may experience waves of undulating emotion, that may feel an array of different things on different days, that may be at the pit of dark depression or flying on the winds of newfound love. And beyond all of that messy raw fullness of life, is us. Standing. Still.


What comes out of that stillness is uncertainty.


Certainty is an invention.


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About Shoonyo:

Shoonyo (aka Vishal S. Avchar) is an International Author,  and Spiritual mentor. Shoonyo’s core strength has been to mentor people to spiritual awakening through One to One sessions, Meditations and Retreats in the UK, Spain, and India.

Shoonyo is the member of the only NLP board in India. His spiritual fiction book “ Looking for the Obvious” is #3 bestseller on amazon. He is a Cofounder of “Shoonyo Foundation” , an organisation working towards spiritual awakening.

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