Shoonyo and Asha work brilliantly together as co-authors. Their inspired dynamism yet playful approach enable the pages of this book to come effortlessly to life. They each have a unique expressive style that is combined in the depth and deliciousness of this literary work.


Shoonyo is an international professional – who turned his hand to creative work. He has run meditation retreats and public talks in three countries discussing Zen and Advaita. After years of delving into the wisdom in various disciplines he yearned to contribute something to the world greater than his professionalism. This contribution came to be, as a calling to write this book.


Asha’s corporate background in law and finance has always co-existed alongside her creative pursuits. As well as her talent for writing Asha has been creatively engaged as a painter, a photographer, a food enthusiast and a martial artist. She is passionate about people and the path of self-inquiry. Her experience of being a coach and of travelling solo across the globe have enabled her to acquire extraordinary insight which she has published in the form of travel stories and articles. Now, in this novel Asha gives voice to vision.