Looking for the obvious

The highest purpose of language is to transcend beyond language.

Wordsmiths. Writers. Authors. Speakers. People. You. Me. We use language to go beyond language. Otherwise our words are meaningless empty creations. Language is only useful if it conveys something which cannot be held by words themselves. 


Do all such linguistic creations convey something beyond words? What of factual statements? The sky is blue. I am an adult. Are these devoid of energy? Are they useful only for factual understanding? Not necessarily. Where do they take you? To the mind bank of your own interpretations and judgments? A fact is nothing more than an agreed interpretation is it not? 


Highest purpose of language 


And what of poets, and great literary genii? What do you hear? An emotional shift? A mental one?


Words move us. They shape our world. Something unfolds.


As the art project evolves, we notice our readers seeing something beyond our words. Singers, songwriters, poets, novelists. They transfer something immutable to our open eyes ,ears and hearts. They move us. They point us towards something intangible beyond the inky depths of words. Just as there is something intangible beyond the physical sense of your skin. Just as silence is found in the noise of a lover’s voice. Just as the whole universe exists in the pause between a yogi’s breath. Just as we feel stillness whilst rotating through space on the globe. 


So you see this is what we are doing. At Shoonyo Foundation our artwork, our creativity, our book. We are using the materials we know to move ourselves (and you) to the unknown. The members of Shoonyo Foundation are as much on this journey as you are, breathing space into the project, between the words and into the electronic ether.


See. The. Space. Beyond. The. Words. Always.


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About Shoonyo:

Shoonyo (aka Vishal S. Avchar) is an International Author,  and Spiritual mentor. Shoonyo’s core strength has been to mentor people to spiritual awakening through One to One sessions, Meditations and Retreats in the UK, Spain, and India.

Shoonyo is the member of the only NLP board in India. His spiritual fiction book “ Looking for the Obvious” is #3 bestseller on amazon. He is a Cofounder of “Shoonyo Foundation” , an organisation working towards spiritual awakening.


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